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About Josh

Josh Liber has overcome many of life's obstacles, in doing so, he conquered them riding horseback.
"Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional." Has been his mantra through his times of battling with mental health, addiction, and loss. 

Since his youth, Josh's dream was to work with horses. He grew up training them, loving them, and caring for them. He has a strengthen bond with them, that could never be broken. 

It wasn't until the day that Josh got severely injured. The doctors told him that he might not ever be able to ride horses again. In one ear and out the other it went. Josh was committed to heal his body, and get back to riding horses. 

As he lived with severe pain, fatigue, and depression, he eventually struggled with substance abuse.

Josh got sober in a structured home for sobriety.
He became registered as a chemical dependency counselor. and went on to open his own structured sober living home in Santa Monica, CA. 

Josh and his horse Poco are ready to assist. They have been through so much together, and are ready to help guide you through your journey. 

"I want to facilitate hope into the lives of those who feel like they have lost hope." 
-Josh Liber

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