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Back 2 Life Assisted Equine Coaching is one of the few treatments in the valley that encompasses healing through activities with horses to promote physical, cognitive, and emotional healing and recovery. 


A horse can be a therapeutic tool as it models trustworthy, communicative, and honest behavior. Our goal and commitment is to assist our clients navigate through trauma, addiction, mental health struggles, and discover coping skills. Trained equine coach, Josh Liber and his horse Poco, are here to provide a therapeutic experience unlike any other. 

Through activities such as grooming, feeding, and leading a horse is a form of therapy that can be used to counsel individuals of all ages, including families and groups. Our therapeutic approach is the first equine therapy service in the valley that comes to YOU.

Click Here to learn more about our mobile services and how we can visit your residence or local park to do a one-on-one equine session. 


At Back 2 Life Equine Coaching, We believe that healing is possible and our trusted steed, Poco and his handler, Josh are here to assist you.

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